Gold Material/texture for Gmod?

Ever since I saw the TF2 Golden Wrench turns enemies into Golden Statues I wanted to make stuff golden in Gmod too.[/IMG_thumb][IMG_thumb][/IMG_thumb][IMG_thumb][/IMG_thumb][IMG_thumb][/IMG_thumb][IMG_thumb][/IMG_thumb][IMG_thumb][/IMG_thumb][img_thumb][/img_thumb][IMG_thumb][/IMG_thumb][IMG_thumb]

Is there a way to make stuff golden just like the wrench makes player models golden in TF2?
I think there should be a material to make stuff golden, just like there is the “env_cubemap_model”-material that can make anything sort of silverish and reflective.

The material will be in the GCF now. All someone needs to do is make it work on the Material tool.

the question is which material is the one making the models look golden…

in the “team fortress 2 materials.gcf” theres
“\models\weapons\c_items\gold_wrench.vmt” (and gold_wrench.vtf)


I’m a noob at this sort of stuff

I just hope someone can give the Material tool the ability to use the TF2 Gold material so I can turn stuff Golden in Gmod :biggrin:

It looks like the bottom .vmt file is the one you are looking for. Sorry if the last post I made seemed a bit like I was treating you like a idiot, I misread the post :v:

But yeah, the bottom .vmt dictates all the cubemapping settings for the effect, using the base texture yellow.vtf. If the material tool needs a .vmt to make something work, that one is your best bet.

I did also find models/player/shared/gold_player.vtf

ohhhhh shiny gold wrench lol

I have no idea how to add new materials to the material tool’s collection of materials.

Just type material_override models/player/shared/gold_player into the console, that should set the material tool to the gold texture

thank you, that works!! :biggrin:

and to make things easier I bound it to an unassigned key:

bind "F11" "material_override models/player/shared/gold_player"
(bind "F10" "material_override models/weapons/c_items/gold_wrench.vmt")

Well there are already a handful of gold weapons people have made…though I’m not sure about TF2 stuff.

If you add that to a .lua file with any name, inside the autorun folder, it should add it to the material list.

no it doesn’t seem to do that.

Strange. It appears to be experiment time :science:


Sorry, had a brain fart with that last reccomendation, add this;
[lua]list.Add( “OverrideMaterials”, “models/player/shared/gold_player” )[/lua]

To the lua file I mentioned earlier.

Now it works! Thank you very much!! :love:


Now for somebody to make a “Golden Crowbar” that turns anything it hits golden (Not counting the map, of course.)

should be possible, as a SWEP

Can you please make a more in-depth tutorial? I am kinda confused on how to add it to the materials.

Is it grave digging day? Nice job reviving a 5 year old thread :v

I know its a bit late, but i’m really looking for how to do this.

There’s addon on the Workshop does literally just adds the Gold texture from TF2.