Gold Member

Why cant I buy a gold membership?

they closed it for now.

garry ran out of his gold supply so he can’t make any more.

Why did you post this in the rust subforum?

Because gold membership=alpha key obviously

They closed it to keep people like you from doing dumb shit like buying Gold thinking you’re going to get an alpha key out of it.

I’m surprised - I thought garry was a moneyhore. But then again, they probably spammed the gold member forums asking for keys/

That, and most of their posts in there are really, really dumb.

Dumb is probably an understatement - we’re talking you tube subscribers here.

Pffffffffffffft, you act like they’re fans of Pewdiepie or something… Oh wait.

Well, I’m glad that gold members thing is closed for now, will prevent poor souls from wasting money on some illusion that they will get a rust key.

I need to figure out the password to my old gold account. :v:

Nah man, they got here from people who are worse. PDP hasn’t even played it.

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Why’d you abandon it? :v:

I can’t wait for pewdiepie or tubuscus to play rust and get all their fans in this forum begging for a key If you know what the email was

a good way to make money though… not actually giving it out but if there was a rumor going around, somebody could make Garry a lot of money from dumb children and overly-ambitious crappy Youtubers.

The swarm of 9 yr olds will be unbearable, it will be the beginning to the apocalypse.

what if garry bribed them not to play it.

think about it, it might be a good investment.

I don’t get why Garry closed the buying of gold memberships. He’d need a wheelbarrow to carry all that idiot cash.

I remember when I shot Seananners right in the face when he stumbled in front of my window.

I’ve also killed UberHaxorNova. I felt like I was cleansing the wasteland.