gold members

I have a Question, since it know has been known that those who played alpha keep the game, will gold members also receive a free copy of the game?



No. Don’t waste your money.

buy it and find out! all this and more in the GMF!

no comment

We cannot reveal this information.

We’ll get perma’d if we tell the truth

You won’t get access immediately, you may have a chance of getting a key on the gold member’s forum;

When did he ever post that?

hes not.

either way, If you plan on buying the gold just for the game,
Save your money, and buy the game on release/open sales
Else just donate to the forum because its fast and quick…
Helps garry and devs.
Ect. ect. ect

Just to make sure it’s clear enough

Was tired :v: been playing Rust too much