Gold membership

Im new here and sorry if this is in the wrong place but, where do I get member ship and how much is it?

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its cost 10$ and its up in corner Buy Upgrade

You cant get it cause you want it to play rust.

And I heard that you can get keys like for rust?

It actually isn’t there anymore I think Garry disabled it. Also, I don’t see how this thread relates to Rust.

Normally it would be in the buy upgrades and cost 10 USD.
It is closed at the moment to keep new members buying it and expecting to get rust keys.
If you were looking to get it for that reason then just rest and wait, some way for anyone gold or not to get them is supposed to be cropping up soon.

Also this would be better suited to the “Fast threads” section of facepunch since it is a question thread about the forums not rust :slight_smile:

I wanted to to upgrade to get rust

I knew it! you want the key

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Just please close this thread man

You need to post that cat in the LMAO pics to access the store.

Just lurk, you’re not going to find much love from most of the users if you joined just for rust.

p.s. Don’t actually post that cat in LMAO pics