Golden crowbar?

Does anyone know how to get a golden crowbar for certain groups like Donators?

3 options you could choose.
A. Make the swep.
B. Change the color of the current crowbar swep.
C. Learn LUA and do it yourself.

I’ve never heard about any golden crowbar. Explain a bit more.

I think he means a reskin of the current crowbar for VIPs.

Yes a reskin, that’s what I meant:D

Make a new swep with the same crowbar model and change the material color. Pretty sure you can just extract the VMT and open the image in photoshop and give it a golden color and then all you have to do is re-compile it into a VMT and link it to the swep. I’ve never made a swep’s model / skin before but I’m pretty sure this is how it’s done. If not someone please correct me.

I have an idea but it wouldn’t look as good as the re-skin, but it wouldn’t require any new materials, lets take the arrest stick from DarkRP for example, it has a red color and is using the shiny material, this is all done in LUA, so if your using ULX, you could do something like:

-- this code probably doesn't work but you get the idea
if self.Owner:GetUserGroup() == "donator" then
self:SetColor(255,255,255) -- replace with whatever color
self:SetMaterial(whatever that shiny material is)