Golden Moneyprinter

I wanted to add a golden moneyprinter, I’ve seen it doen before in other servers. It’s just a bigger and more expensive moneyprinter which prints more money. Does anyone know where I can download these or how to make one? I know it may be possible to edit the existing moneyprinter’s model, cost and print amount but how would I put it into DarkRP? Thanks


Ok thanks. I edited the moneyprinter’s init.lua and changed the model name and the print ammount and saved this in a folder called moneyfactory, aswell as copying the two other files which were with the moneyprinter. I then copied the moneyprinter line from DarkRP’s addentities.lua and changed the model and entity name to that of the moneyfactory. However this made all entities unable to be spawned. I then removed the line from addentities.lua and tried to add it to the main.lua where the ammo entities were. This created the same issue. Does anyone know what I did wrong? I’m guessing this is an issue with the init.lua of the moneyfactory. Any help would be appreciated.

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Why did you change the name of it? You should just have changed the model and amount of money getting printed out - then you wouldnt have to edit all the other stuff, like - adding stuff to addentities and shit like that.

So that I could have them both :slight_smile:
I have figured out how to do this and it is working fine now. :smiley: