Golden Rust Server **Wiped Today**

WIPED TODAY - 28/03/2014 (28th March)

Press F1 in game then copy and paste in: net.connect

Server hosted in London

Until now we have one server that we with all our hearts trying to improve and give all our players the best experience!
We will eventually expand our website and provide multiple servers, if all goes according to the plan. We hope to meet new and committed players on our new server.

We’re always active and looking forward to help any players who seems to have problems with something in game.
!Our main goal is to get our players to feel welcome and give all our players the best experience!

So join a server with Active Admins! No admin abuse and of course no hackers? You came to the right place! We make sure that you will never experience any admin abusing, server wiping and hackers which will be dealt with quickly!

We welcome all who are looking forward to a server with lots of fun, realistic loot and mature players/admins.
Join our server today and be a part of the community! We are always looking for new ways to improve the server! Start today on a new server and you are more than welcome to invite your friends.
We hope to see you soon in game!

Server Details:

Server Name: [UK] The Golden Rust |Oxide|FairPlay|Active Admins|PvP|No Wipes
Server IP:
Server Port: 28155

Vote for our server to keep it going and expand our community!

Join our Website:





  • Airdrops 15+
  • Starter Kit
  • History
  • Death Handler
  • location and Map Autotracking
  • Realistic Loot table
  • Players List
  • Private Messaging /pm /re
  • Simple Broadcast
  • Vinegar

Other Features:

  • Oxide
  • FairPlay
  • Sleepers
  • UK Based
  • Realistic Loot
  • Active Admins
  • Friendly
  • Events
  • No Hackers!

I thank you all for reading my post.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to post them here as they will be checked frequently.