Golden Wrench's skin?

I can’t seem to find the Golden Wrench’s skin in Gmod anywhere. The best Google gave me was “material_override models/player/shared/gold_player” that allowed me to apply the gold material to things, but it’s just not the same.

Any help would be appreciated. :v:

I think there is a hexed model on

Can’t you just reskin the wrench yellow? It’s not like getting the actual model will make a difference considering it has no use.

I tried that, for some reason the wrench is brown. :gonk:

Let me explain,there is no golden wrench model or skin… Valve was lazy and only made a material override for the normal wrench,and made an attribute that turned people’s ragdolls sturdy and material override’d them.


Strange. models/player/shared/gold_player made everything gold to me. I’ll look into this.

Sell it all and you will be RICH! =D

:v: Brown wrench

That’d be great.

I forgot. Guess I’ll do that now.

Edit: Forgot again…

Haha, forgot again? :razz: It’s fine, I’m in no hurry for a wrench.

Works for me.

I thought the handle was supposed to be darker as well as not have the phong.

I’ve never even seen the wrench.

Ah, that explains it then. Still, thanks for trying.

I’ll see if it has multiple skins.

Edit: No time. Sorry.


Place on wrench, post result.

It’s entry in the items_game file says it has a material override of “models/weapons/c_items/gold_wrench.vmt”.

Is there a way to override material with console commands?

No dice on it.


Thanks to Ray’s finding, I managed to apply the material to the regular wrench using “material_override models/weapons/c_items/gold_wrench.vmt”. :dance: Thanks for everyone’s help.