GoldenB Compilation of Pictures

Vaguely in order of Oldest to Newest, i’m not showing them all, only the pictures i enjoyed making at the time regardless of whether they turned out good or not :slight_smile:

Three Aircraft over the Atlantic Ocean

Spectre Gunship Time

Harrier Shot down by a Mig

Guy walking Happily infront of his own Home-Made explosion

Two Airborne check a Hole (open to interpretation :v: )

Two American Soldiers patrol the ruins of Normandy (look at the hand)

Artillery, FALL BACK!

Tank Pops out a Shell (one of my favourite pictures)

That’ll Teach you to Investigate the Boss…

Train gone off-tracks (Unhappy with result, but fun to make!)


"The dogs scared shitless, what’s up with him?"

AA-Fire incoming! (My entry for the Comp of concentrated awesome:Air battles)

Competition with ChestyMcgeesypants

And they wandered the streets, as though they belonged to them (Truly an accomplishment for me at the time)

Two Random Killing Floor Pictures (before i was bored of the game :v: )

Soldier firing his Gun

"Do i Pull it out or Leave it in!? DO I PULL IT OUT OR LEAVE IT IN!?"

Can’t remember the name … BOLD!

Soldier Executes a man in a snowy Forest (my favourite of all time. I love it)

SNEAK PISS! (what can i say, i got 15x funnies for it!)

Rocket Jumping – Not for the Army

You Shall Not Pass


Gandalf Faces the Balrog’s Kin (tried to make a new balrog-Esque creature)


And finally…

Da Da Da Da Daa! Da Da Da Da Daa!!..

Hope you like :slight_smile: Not in exact order :smiley:

Critics Call it :

“Sweet” - Dubeard.
“Magical” - LetsGroove.
“great” - darius_bielecki

I’ll stop.



all these are great, your really skilled.

Gandalf and balrog is fucking awesome!
And the guy being executed in the snow… VERY WELL MADE!!!

Impressive, the Omaha one is bleh though.

I had the original posted by accident, i updated with the edit.

You might mean the edit, because it is a bit bleh anyway…


Well done dude :smiley:
I like most of them, though the harrier picture stands out :slight_smile: (in a good way)

Lot’s of fire and lot’s of explosions. :v:

Some great work though.

I like your smoke

Amazing, I thougt most of them were really good

Thanks =)

This looks amazing!


The American Soldier’s hand made me Lol :v:

Favourite of all time: Soldier Executes a man in a snowy Forest.

Love them all, Especially the one of the Heavy with the needle in his head. (Y)

Quite possibly the best poser/editor of all time.

Feel free to add me to the critics list :wink:

will only add ones with a certain degree of truth :v:

Just search


and you’ll find the best editors/posers :slight_smile:

I was just being nice.