GoldenBullet VS. Domino - Edit comp.

He wanted it, he got it :slight_smile:
We decided on his latest entry German Soldiers Prepare for a Counter-attack, and started editing on our own… Though he saw some of my process to complete… Also I gave him a couple of hints, and Vman gave me a couple of hints, nothing special really.

That’s the original.

Well… Here’s my entry to this editing comp.

First, when I saw the original I thought… Wow… This is a rather simple setup… Not much going on… but let’s see what I can do…
It have taken me atleast 15 hours split up in three days.

GoldenBullet’s edit:

Total edit time: 1 hour 49 minutes

Where is goldenbullet’s ?

Oh yeah… GB isn’t done with his… He gave me a compliment :smiley:


Want me to compete?

Holy damn your editing is nice!

No sorry, this one is between me and GB

Domino wins already.


It’s the second time he did that, haha.

Good editing monsieur.


Domino wins 'cause he finished first.

XD, I really want to see what GB comes up with though :smiley:

For those who want to see all the details, I’ve uploaded a picture without DOF, and Grain.

I don’t like dominos edit… It’s too messy
I think Goldenbullet could do a great job on this.

Me saying “i won’t do it” was a compliment! I’m still making mine, you shouldn’t have posted yet -.-

It’s war isn’t it… War isn’t clean, just watch Saving Private Ryan.

Sorry :frowning:
I think I was to excited to put it out on FP when I was done :frowning:

That’s an awesome movie!
On topic, awesome edit. Now I just await Goldenbullet.

Really… Did you see it before I took the images away? D:

The image in the first post is the orignal

The original picture is awful. The german with the rifle is aiming at the floor, and he’s not even looking where he’s aiming, too, and the other guys looks like they’re running on eggshells or something.

None of them is looking at something else than the floor.

He isn’t aiming at the floor the gun is forwards, i’ll re-load the save and show you another angle if you are not convinced…

He IS looking where he is aiming, incase you do not know, eyes are capable of pointing themselves elsewhere from straight- forward…

The MG at the back is looking at his gun not the floor, guy on far left is clearly looking where he is pointing, one guy running is holding his helmet to prevent it falling off, that leave TWO people with slightly downward - tilted heads.