GoldenEye: Source - Facility (GoldenEye in GMod)

If you played GoldenEye 007, you’d know where this is from.

This is the Facility mission recreated in GMod with maps and weapons from GoldenEye: Source.

Please let me know what you think down below. I appreciate feedback and comments

(P.S. I was playing Agent difficulty)


And my 100th post!

Umm since when did gmod let you choose a difficulty?

And if you wanted this to be something that isn’t shitty you could of at least have turned off the HUD or go offline to not have steam notifications pop up.

What is this though? Goldeneye source maps with npcs spawned in them? I’m kind of confused.

so this is just you playing a map with a load of NPCs spawned and some James Bond music in the background?

the map is cool I guess but if you wanted to show us it you should’ve posted it in the mapping section

I like how at 1:26 you suddenly go back to full health. :v:

I left in the HUD for effect. Yes, it is GE:S maps with NPCs spawned in them. Agent diffculty, in the original GoldenEye game the four difficulties were Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent and 007. Each difficulty gave you more objectives, Agent having the least

Yeah, I really just filmed it to capture recreate the original mission in the game. You should be able to hear the shooting and stuff.

Yeah, :v:

Sooooo, was I supposed to be entertained? Was I supposed to feel nostalgic? I was neither. If you really want to capture the essence of the original game, record yourself playing it.

Okay, so, abandon all fan works of the game unless it’s the original game being played?

And sure, if you want it, I can bust out the old N64 and record with a low quality iPhone camera.

you couldve AT LEAST disabled the steam notifications

or just play the goldeneye source mod, where all the stuff in this video cam from

It doesn’t have a singleplayer

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I’ll do that when I make SPRSRS machinima

Not to be overly rude or anything, but your video’s aren’t really interesting nor are they well made.

Yeah they’re pretty boring, I mean, you used combine npc’s, and you didn’t disable the hud, it just screams half assed.

It was the Elite Terrorists from CSS using Combine A.I, I left the HUD in for effect.

To all:
I asked feedback, not bitching

Nobody was bitching. If you don’t like feedback that’s your own problem.

Bitching is feedback. If people don’t like you’re work, listen to what they have to say and use it to improve. Complaining about it is rude, immature and unprofessional.

If you’re not going to accept feedback, why did you ask for it?

You set of bastards.

In a way this shows a single player version of GE:S is attainable. And who gives crap about a few steam notifications, seriously!

Why did you bump this thread to say something stupid?

We’re sorry for giving him pointers.

Also, steam notifications need to be serious. That’s like someone having their cellphone go off during a movie shoot and the directors keep it in, because it only happened a few times on set.