GoldenForge - Hat and Trail store addon

I see this right after I pay to get a custom store done. This looks so sleek and awesome, good job!

i use this on my Jailbreak server becausa its so awesome, i just got to create a script to remove the hats/trails when a players changes teams/dies.
another great mod that is free and doesn’t require an off server MySql database.
Also could you make it log the players steamname/id in the data/goldenforge/<random numbers>.txt?

I saw this on a Jailbreak server, dunno which one; they were still working the kinks out. Seems to be spreading fast.

The number for the name of the text file is the players steamid just without the STEAM_0:X:

Needs better icons for the trails.

So far what i have done with this Its just awesome!!!.. and easy to use

Custom category where the player can buy weapon attachments

Now to do the Owned Attachments part

Is this a gamemode? and if not how does the money work?

This isnt for you.

That gives me this error
[gf_client.lua:961] attempt to concatenate field ‘scrapMetal’ (a nil value)

That’s because you have another addon that is overriding a hook that I use.

I’ll fix that error and singleplayer loading in the next version. Will also include a weapon category pack and more stuff.

Love the look of the GUI, Very well done, When you say add power up’s will this be like the small selection of power up’s that Pointshop had?

All in all though, nice work, I’ll be keeping an eye on the progress.

no you got this because i accidentally spelt metal wrong in the first v:GiveScrapMetal(ect.)
it has an extra ‘a’ before the ‘t’ of metal

Yeah you did, but that’s not the reason why he’s getting that error.

Ok So I’m wondering if this problem is to do with PS being previously installed

[addons\goldenforge\lua\gf_client.lua:345] attempt to call method ‘GetHats’ (a nil value).

[addons\goldenforge\lua\gf_client.lua:456] attempt to call method ‘GetTrails’ (a nil value).

I had a look at the line’s and couldn’t actually find anything wrong, This may be an easy fix but I’m asking just in case.


Please excuse the above not being in code format but my P.C seems to be lacking a brain today

This does not work in singleplayer at the moment, wait for the next version.

Sorry, I just got off an 8 hour shift and then went to test it, thanks for letting me know, Got it working now and started looking at adding a new category, This is really nice and compact compared to PS.

Once again, thanks for the response _Chewgum

It seems that sometimes when enabling and disabling hats, it crashes the client.

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Just to double post. Chew said the previous thing above would be sorted in the next update hopefully.

But to other people, does anyone have a solution to correct the positioning for TTT? With TTT (or maybe just the default model in TTT) the hat positioning is out. (Except for the afro hat)

I also had the same problem but I’m thinking it’s first release blue’s, was going to take a look at PS hat file’s to see the difference’s.

I had a problem with the afro pos being offset when the player jumped, not seen any other hat’s do this yet though.

I set the afro to use the head bone instead of the eye attachment as it would be totally wrong on the zombie player model.

Right O.K ^^

Is there any other development’s on this that you can share? Or am I asking too much?
I think it’s a really nice alternative to PS and would love to see what else you have in store for this addon.