goldengnome festering shithole of screenshots COMPILATION THREAD

:bandwagon: oldest first crap omitted

Inside Room 101 is the Worst Thing in the World.

notes: ughh. tinypic. what was i thinking.

Suspect is escaping!

notes: photobucket. eh. also, shef. :wtc:

Metrocop Punished for Slacking Off

notes: one of the better examples of shef i think. whatever.

A Psuedo-Romantic Moment

notes: toilet humor

No Shots Til High Noon.

notes: :clint: in space

Space Cowboy

notes: space spaghetti

Who Will Watch the Watchman?

notes: entirely unrelated to the graphic novel

Peaceful Atom

notes: yeah i know about the rotors shut up

Get outta my house you ugly sonufabitch.

notes: one of my favorites. anyone who complains about the smoke ball can FUCK THEMSELVES.

Mexican Standoff

notes: and suddenly, filesmelt


notes: get it. he mutated. :banjo:

Ever feel like you’ve got a monkey on your back?

notes: i’m so funny guys right


notes: actually happened.


notes: did not actually happen.

A Dumb Ravenholm Armory Pose. Blow Me.

notes: hi waxx it’s poncho

Skeleton Men I, II, and III

notes: yo those models rule

Critical Strike on Combine Soldier!

notes: if you think he’s sissy punching fuck you

Hammer Time OR: Combine Elite Shits his Pants.

notes: i love this one so much

The 100 Beers Bar

notes: didn’t edit this one at all except for the border i think

Two Dumb Mysterious Stranger Poses.

notes: ughh too dark

See ya Around, Cue Ball OR: The Gay Ending to An Honest Living.

notes: i used the same exact faceposer values for both of them :downs:

Sweet Venice

notes: i re-edited and then re-posted this one three times. also nobody ever noticed the black man owning a watermelon shop.

Welcome. Welcome to City Seve-BLARRRRGHGHHH

notes: the thread was titled “a tank attacks four survivors.” it was a trap :banjo:

The Legend of Medic

notes: the soldier is supposed to be ganondorf :iiam:

Spy Corners a Downs Engineer

notes: faceposer borked

Tonight a Heavy Died in arena_lumberyard.

notes: i read again watchmen the day before posing this.


notes: this was based on an old rp on i was the metrocop

Not Generic Chase Scene

notes: this was part of my dumb anti-generic campaign against chesty and the others. sorry guys :downs:

Another Dumb Chase

notes: i like the blue tone

aaaand that was my most recent pose.

I like these, some of them were very creative.

Love the legend of the medic.

they’re alright

The Teamwork one was my WTF moment of the day. Some good and some bad pics in there.

Hi, Poncho.

You already know all my criticisms.

Gah I wish those skeleton soldiers still worked…

Great posing though