Goldsource to Source

So, I want to reskin the zombie models in HL:S to to this…

And change the Grunts to this…

Captain Charles sent me a message with this link and said it should help, but I think I’m gonna need a little more help.

Every time I open VTEX, everything works fine, it says to push any key, then when I do, it closes the window.

I just don’t know how I’m going to go about porting these! I’m definitely going to need a clearer walkthrough and help, or an easier, alternative way to change these to .vmt and .vtf

Anyone willing to help?

The “press any key” is so you can read the log before the program closes.

Gee I feel dumb.

Any idea about how to use it for this, though?

i state how to convert some hl1 models to source

Thanks, man.

I’ll check it out. Hope it works!

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My source SDK is beyond fucked… Tons of shit missing. Don’t know what to do…