GoldSource to Source

Hi! How i can porting GoldSource (Counter-Strike: Condition Zero - Deleted Scenes) models (props + etc) to Source engine (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)?
I tried to use “Crowbar tool” but it can not properly decompile the model. No extracting textures. And cant compile to Source engine old GoldSource models. Please any help.

This might help

Nope. =(

This is a tutorial on porting over goldscr to source and here you might find already ported over models

  1. Run mdldec.exe on model (get here )
  2. convert BMP textures to VTF and rescale them to power of 2 dimensions if necessary (vtfedit has a built in feature for this).
  3. Rewrite the .QC file for source engine commands
  4. Add physics/collision if necessary.
  5. Recompile as source engine mdl.

ty. i find other path)