GoldSrc GIF fun

Why do we all have to wear these ridiculous ties?

Getting back into animating and whatnot. More of these Ill be posting here as I progress into hopefully a new video someti-err Valve Time™

I dedicate this thread to Postal

I love these. I demand more.

j/k nope aside, there will be some more later.

I want that Otis gif as my avatar

This is the best thing I’ve seen all day.

First one might have been a little funnier if it was the middle finger. I guess on those models that’s not really possible.
Liked the vibrating guy though.

can I please use one of these as my avatar?

Nightmare fuel. All of it.

All these models I’m using have five fully poseable fingers, with the exception of “mrvalve.mdl” (He does not have a mouthcontroller either.)

Sure thing, but you are gonna have to do the re-sizing

Yaaay, more stuff from you! :dance:

I love it.

Oh you are in luck, I found a very early animation when I was attempting to make an addon for the SSH:WTF mod.
More on that in the latest post here

You have won the Internet for the day.

Any chance of sharing these rigs? I want to mess with these so much.

I opened this in a new tab and about 5 mins later I’ve forgotten about it. 10 mins after that, I realise it’s there and I just see that abomination that is the top right gif looking at me and burst out laughing :3