GoldSrc Hammer Map Lag

So I made a map for Half-Life: Opposing force. When I play it, I get some minor framerate drop. I usually get 99fps minimum, but on this map I can get to around 50-60fps. I found that this only happens when I turn. While standing still I get 100fps. I had a friend of mine help beta test the map and he gets around 17-35 fps. It was very strange and I cannot figure out what could be causing this. I would estimate that there is about 110 lights. There are no leaks at all. I would estimate that there are about 270-300 entities total. I’m not sure if there are any proper tasks involving performance when completing the map, but if there are please let me know.

I noticed that my map only took up around 1/8 of the map size.

I’m not sure if this would help (or even be possible) but I was wondering if there was a way to “cut out” the excess space this isn’t being used.

In closing, let me know what would make this map run faster.

those angled brushes does not seem they would cooperate with bsp/leafvis at all

got a compile log?

I made a new map in which I removed all slanted pieces. FPS went up from 17-30 to 25-40. It was an improvement but still very bad. [Screenshot]

Compile log for the original map:

Compiler log for the map without slanted pieces:

Please let me know what I can do to reduce lag.

I’m bumping this because I haven’t gotten a reply for almost a week

I don’t think GoldSrc is used much around here, and I’m personally not versed with its perf testing tools. you might need to do some googling and digging on forums that still use it.

can you post a link to the .rmf or .map so i can take a close look ? :slight_smile: