goldsrc mapping: water on a vertical brush plane?

I recently started working on a remake of Halo 2’s Warlock for Deathmatch Classic. It’s pretty much done, save for one detail.

This map contains teleporters, which -like Quake’s portals- consist of a framework with a func_water with a galaxy-ish texture on it (and yes, this texture is a !liquid texture). However, when I compile the map, only the top plane of the func_water brush seems to have the texture (like all ordinary bodies of water in the engine).

How do I make it so that the galaxy texture is drawn on the side of the func_water brush so that it fills the frame of the portal like so:

Use an animated texture on a trigger_teleport.

I’d rather not make a custom animated texture specially for a workaround when there is apparently a direct way of making the func_water properly display the portal (seeing as with all teleporters in official DMC maps, the surface waves about like all liquid textures on goldsrc).

This is impossible unfortunately, as I recall the water “wave” code always modifies the top part of the brush. DMC was different.
Your best bet is to make an animated model.

Actually as I think about it, have you tried making a brush, texturing just the top, then rotating it?

But if DMC is different from other goldsrc games in that regard, why is it still not working?

Hmm. I’ll try that. Hopefully it works.

Trigger_* entities aren’t rendered in game.

It’s really not that difficult to make a Quake style portal in Half-Life:

There are two types of water in Half-Life. The first type is Worldspawn water (like Quake used and Source uses) and the second type of water is a hack of the func_door entity so you can have movable water and transparent water.

If you want to make a portal, just texture the sides of a world brush with the desired water texture. The only thing is you have to make sure that sv_wateramp is 0 or it will do what is shown in the video. I also hope you aren’t using the original compile tools that came with the old version of hammer, they’re terrible. Use VHLT instead of them and ZHLT.