GoldSrc to Source model ports!!!

I’m working on porting every single prop/ragdoll/weapon from DOD, OpFor, BlueShift, CS, CS:CZ, CS:CZ-DS, DMC, and ricochet.

Deathmatch Classic: 100%
Ricochet: 90%
Decay: 90%
Day of Defeat: 30%
Team Fortress Classic: 20%
Opposing Force: 0%
Blue Shift: 0%
Counter-Strike: 0%
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero: 0%
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero - Deleted Scenes: 0%





Good luck with that, seeing as how there’s hundreds of models. The character models will need re-rigging and half life models have already been ported with HL:S.

There’s no point coverting the weapon models, cause they’re low poly and ugly as shit.

Nope they work just fine with the current bones.

That’s not the point, the point is to have classic props, ragdolls, etc.
I will be making them into SWEPS for gmod also.

I think this is cool. :cool:

Finally someone who enjoys the classics!

Oh joy, I can’t wait to play with painted cubes and cylinders.

Nice idea indeed, but it’s going to take a mega fucking shitload of a long time to port every single model from those games.

Should be mega shitload of fucking awesomeness if he comes through :wink: Looks good, it’s always nice to have classics around. Maybe next you could do some 8-Bit Snes Character props.


i can’t wait for some cs:cz deleted scenes converts :dance:

especially the vehicles

port the Zombie barney, Hgrunt, and Gonome, and i will let you have my babies anally sideways with a crowbar

Opposing. Force. Models.

Also, port a w40 space marine onto a valve skeleton, from here , and you will henceforth be known as God. :smiley:

Holy fuck memories.

I now have more faith in you than originally thought. Keep it up. :love:

Foliage from DOD.

Nazi, rabbit, and flak.

All converted models so far. (except foliage)

Awesome, I can’t wait until its release!

Cow and rabbit models.

A lot of cows.

Sexy Blueprint model! I DO WANT :smiley:

Please, PLEASE port over the v_model of the Lee Enfield.

Please port the Clean Suit Scientist from OpFor to Source.