[GOLIATH SWEDEN] Airdrops - Remove tool - PVP - Active & fair admins!

You might’ve seen us from previous scandinavian servers. Goliath is formed by a group of active rust players with experience of accomplishing great defensive structures and almost cities, as we use to grow strong on servers we contest.

Now we’ve fired up our own server as we’re expecting players and teams to join us in rust. We will allow everyone to settle strong before we attempt to heavily interfere.

We have few, but active admins. We will ONLY use admin abilities in order to stop cheaters or assist players.
There are no specific rules on the server, it’s PVP. We expect you to behave decent. You may get banned if you are heavily abusing chat or voicechat.

Server IP:
Last wipe: 26/1-14
No future wipes planned