Gonna Be That Guy

Jesus Rock-Smashing Christ I am in love with this game. Just wanted to make a shout out to the guys working on it, thanks and keep up the hard work. I have most of the guys in my station playing now and we all can’t get enough of it.

For all the crap-tossing comments incoming:

(User was banned for this post ("utt + reaction image" - Orkel))

What? Is your sealion going to catch the crap? I don’t understand … why would you want to do that?

Seriously this game is awesome and I enjoy drinking pubbie tears with all the “someone looted my shack obviously he’s hacking” comments.

We’ve been moving in groups of 5-8 and we’re relatively friendly, but last night a group of like 3 guys chased me from rad town to our ‘fortress’; as soon as they got in sight of the windows, I turned around and looted.