Good addons for Sandbox server? (No cancerous stuff please)

So i’m looking for some good addons that would make Sandbox fun for a lot of people, just to mess around and stuff. I don’t want anything cancerous mainly because I don’t want my server to turn into cancer, so no MLP or Anime stuff please. Im looking for like sweps (weapons) or any entity or vehicles that would be fun to mess around with.

For me,i usually weld PewPew cannon to my vehicle,turning it into an agile tank.
For sweps,i often use FC3 swep (for the bow especially) or stalker swep.

Thanks for suggesting them, I don’t know if I will add the PewPew weapons because I don’t want my server to become into more of a war zone, especially because it’s already pretty pad with m9k weapons, but I sort of fixed it. I’ll check out the FC3 weapons though, they look pretty good. Again, thanks.

PAC3 (GitHub) and Outfitter are both really excellent player appearance customization addons that work pretty well together.

They both look alright. I’ll see, thanks for suggesting them.

hats tune miku player model is quite popular

If it’s just messing around you’re looking wrong, you can’t go wrong with Playable Piano.

Joystick addon, ACF, SProps, Easy Precision, Precision Alignment, Advanced Ballsocket, Weight STool, and you’re golden.

Fin tool is quite fun to experiment around with as well, building basic planes and stuff.

Precision tool

Ragdoll Fight Arena is nice for having people duke it out instead of noclipping around shooting one another and destroying everything in their wake. Also maybe a foliage pack for light posing/building.