Good at Houses? Good at helping? Then Help.

Hey, I’m making an rp map and i’ve done great so far until I tried to make a suburban house. I suck at it.

Can someone help me by making 8 suburban houses with interiors using hl2 or css textures suitable for rp (furnished or unfurnished) I need two of them to be max 560x400 and the rest can be max 600x600 any hight. I’d like the style to be sompthing like the houses seen in rp_evocity (nice, cosy).

I don’t have anything to offer except 45% Credit on the map when it get’s released, If you have an idea of sompthing

(Not Money)

you wan’t for this post it and i’ll consider it. Thanks.=

Nobody is going to map for you. Sorry.

Then if you can’t help can I get some tips on making houses?

In Other Words:
What this contribution is going to is half the map. Which means your map is either really small, or you have not done alot. :flame:

Side note/off topic:
RP (ESPECIALLY DarkRP) is so over-rated now… same stuff over and over. Im sick of RP shit.

  1. I never asked for your opinion on DarkRP
  2. The map is around 70% complete
  3. I don’t want to post it yet.
  4. the contribution is to get people to help.
  5. the amount of the map taken up by the house is roughly 3%

I’m confused as to why you listed it with numbers.

Heres a good tutorial on how to make roofs

Im confused as to why he thinks I care about whether or not he asked for an opinion… :hehe:

Thats one big-ass tree!

This isn’t the requests section.
If you want to make an RP map make it yourself otherwise you’re just going to rely on other people doing all the work for you.

It this any good?

I can make you some houses. Give me a few and I’ll see what I come up with.


although those measurements are kind of funky. meh I’ll see what comes out of it.

Compared to what you are referencing it is fairly off, but generally it’s a good house. Reference a few more, this could get somewhere.

That house is a bit better thing that is letting you down is your texturing just keep playing about with textures try different things you can always undo.