Good book to start LUA?

I really want to start trying to learn lua and i was wondering if there are any good books for beginners that have no prior knowledge in programming. It seems like the pil is a good choice but it looks like its for people who have knowledge in programming.

I ordered PIL a few days ago, I hope it’s good… Anyways, I can give you review when I get it.

I have the book myself. Of course, I haven’t read it yet. I don’t quite know if it’ll give me any knowledge for Garry’s Mod lua.

The pil wont give you specific garrysmod knowledge. But it will help a tonne with debugging and learning the basics.

Once basic lua is under control move on to using this beauty.

No matter how much people want to learn, the only real way to learn is to dive into a lot of projects. You need to start by setting a realistic goal, otherwise I am 100% sure you will fail and ragequit. I have seen it happen to a lot of people. Books can be good, but they cant always teach you everything you need to know about Lua. Lua changes a lot depending on what its used for. I havent done any scripting in Gmod, but I have done lots of Lua scripting for Multi Theft Auto. From what I have seen there is quite a big difference even tho they are both written in Lua.

Again, the best thing to do is just to start making small scripts that you can learn from. Even just printing text and doing small calculations can teach you a lot. It took me a while to figure out how loops work, but after I got it I was so much better at scripting. Its all the small vital parts that you need to understand before you can really do big projects.

When I started I had the idea of a project planned out… And boy did it fail! I didnt have any experience from previous projects, so I didnt know what I was doing. I realized that I had to slow down even tho it pissed me off, but in the end you will be very happy like I am.

Thanks guys, I think i’m going to do what science said

here is some links i learned from

I wouldn’t expect all your questions to be answered by the book. It’s an alternative method to just reading information from different sources such as forums, or websites.

Personally, I learned through the ‘old’ wiki and a game directory setup similar to .

It’s a good habit to be able to screen through useful information on the internet.

Good luck on your quest. :stuck_out_tongue: