Good bye Lua section ( and have my GLua stuff too )

Well, you may know me or not. But I’ve recently decided to stop developing GLua so I would like all of you to have my stuff that I managed to pull out of my old backup. The TAR contains code – Oh yeah and the Steamworks hooks are by Chrisaster-- from when I began coding in GLua to when I stopped so expect to see bad code in various places, it contains code from scripts to hacks to anti-hacks, however, unfortunately I lost the vast majority of my projects, so don’t really expect a massive 250 MB file. I would like to thank everyone on this forum for helping me out. Farewell, my friends and adversaries.

I’m not leaving Facepunch or anything, just no longer developing GLua.

bye :confused:

Cya :frown:

Good bye :frown:

Bye Bye.



How can you decide to stop just like that? I’ve “stopped” a few times but it comes naturally without a thread. I just get bored of glua sometimes.

was lua your full time job?

Oooh I love it when scripters release a bunch of random shit.
I like to look at those things and see if I can find some nice ideas :smiley:

Is that in one of his scripts or something?
Deleting system32 dlls?

Holy shit…

Nice, he is leaving Glua. :smug:

Cya dude.

Aww man :saddowns:

At least you didn’t include Hades :ssh:

Hades is cool. It somehow looks like SysHack rolleyes. But really good, he hasn’t released it.

Thanks to win7, at least it won’t do anything…

Yeah, that’s where I got the inspiration for the menu :3:

Shame to see you go.

And agreed, hades does look good.

Who is OP?

Well, at least now I have a valid reason not to go anywhere near rawio.