Good Dedicated Server host for 80 slots in UK or France?

Looking at 25GBP per month or less. Needs to have good pings to the UK and also reliable aswell as a windows OS.


Wen you get to thst number of slots, it becomes less about the hardware (while still being important) and more about the optimisation of your map and code.

Its spread across two servers, two 32 slot servers. I just put 80 Slots as a rough guess really, I’m looking at this package on NFO Servers at the moment. But the problem is its hosted in germany and i preferably want it in UK or France.

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I know a couple of really cheap server hosts and also I have a friend giving away servers really cheap at the moment.

Preferably looking for a VDS that can host up to two servers.

To be honest, you don’t need great hardware for that, a dual core 8gb ddr3 2.2GHz machine could probably handle what you’re asking.


3.0Ghz+ would be the way to go. And why the fuck would he want 8GB of RAM?

Why would he want 3GHz of processing power?
The 8GB grants 1GB for the os, and one for each of the srcds servers (should they cock up miserably) it also leaves room for him to do other shit with the box.

But I admit, 8 is probably far too much. But 3GHz? I’ve never seen srcds need that much.

Would the package I posted in chat be able to host two 32 man servers?

Wait, do you even know what you’re talking about?
Let me break it down for you;
Linux OS: 200MB (128MB minimum) of RAM required.
2 x SRCDS: 700MB x 2 = 1400MB (I’ve never seen an SRCDS server use more than 700MB of RAM)
2024MB - (1400MB + 200MB) = 424MB left to use. (2GB RAM build)<— way to go
4048MB - (1400MB + 200MB) = 2448MB left to use. (4GB RAM build)<— good aswell
8096MB - (1400MB + 200MB) = 6496MB left to use. (8GB RAM build)<— huge overkill

And for the CPU, 3Ghz+ is what a 24+ slot GMod server requires unless the gamemode consists of no physics whatsoever, so please, enlighten me why he shouldn’t go with a 3Ghz+ processor?
If he would go with a 2.2Ghz, he would have to limit props, tools and entities drastically when the server goes above 20 players.

You are correct, I am incorrect. My sincere apologies.

Yes, if you decide to use a Linux distro such as Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, etc, that would be perfect for you.

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Do you have any knowledge with Linux server administration from before?

I have tried using Linux but I cant, It has a Windows 2012 R2 option for OS so il go with that. Assuming its the same as a usual Windows OS.

Windows requires atleast 1GB of RAM (512 minimum, but Windows tend to hog alot more), so that would be a no-go.

I have had my past experiences with linux and i was poor at using it, is it best to go with a game hosting company instead then?

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Go with linux, it’s really easy to use once you get the hang of it. Here’s a short tutorial I’ve written that will get you started:
(You can just copy all the commands and paste them into the terminal)

If your looking for cheap prices with TCAdmin and Filezilla access with worldwide locations all running on 3.4GHz clocked servers check out

I don’t like it when I see technical or grammar issues.

Check out

They’re in two locations, Canada or France. I’ve been with them since my fiasco @ last year. No issues.

I could let you use one of my “test” dedicated machines, and I could also help you install the server and use them on linux.