Good Dedicated UK Gmod Server Host with no lagg suggestions?

I wanted to know if anyone knows any good uk dedicated server host. Ive set up my own server on my own pc and it runs fine but my pc takes up more electric cost a month than a dedicated server it looks like,. Anyway im not exactly rich and it takes up my internet hosting a server for a min 3 people plus any that join and hosting a skype call but it doesnt. The only good looking one after a relentless 15 minute search is Idealy i would like it to have 30 player slots if that helps anyone…

I can rent you a server, I have a few private dedicated Box’s, I rent gameservers privately with them at the moment, the Control Panel is TCadmin, if you’re interested just hit me up on steam add me on steam, if not, a good provider would be Elpishost, but they seem to be out of stock at the moment.

We’re not out of stock. Thanks though Florandor!

Oh, I’m sorry.
Thought you guys was out of stock!

No, just in Seattle - but that should be up hopefully by the end of the week or early next week.