Good doctor operating on a patient (First person)

Thread music sorta.

Pose by Firemasheen, edit by me.



C&C for both of us please.

Facking creepy :o!
I like it :smiley:

Hello, Doctor Steinnman, I pressume?

Pretty good edit too.

“What can I do with this one, Aphrodite? SHE WON’T - STAY - STILL!”
Damn he was creepy. Nice edit!

“This one: TOO FAT! This one: TOO TALL! That one: TOO SYMMETRICAL”

Or something like that.

Man it’s been a long time since I played that game.

Yeah thats about right, lol. What I loved most about him was setting him on fire and frying him as he tried to douse the flames. Never gets old.


at first i thought it was a ghoul doctor

Any links to these bioshock models?

What? No lolipop?

The Release section, my good man. As for the photo, very well done.

no model for you!

Ah… Halloween’s hallmark moment.
Hallomark? Bah it fits anyway…

The fuck is up with his eyebrow!?

I can do the whole thing. With Dr. Steinman.
Player approaches the window
“What can I do with this one, Aphfrodite? SHE-hammers bonesaw-thingy into the splicerWONT-hammers bonesaw-thingy againSTAY-hammer, hammer, hammerSTILL!hammers bonesaw-thingy very hard into the splicer… again"Look at this one!points at splicer to the lefttoo fat!” “This one,points at splicer in the middletoo tall!” "T-this one!points at the splicer to the righttoo symmetrical! And what do we have here, Aphfrodite? An intruder! And he’s ugly! Ugly! UGLYYYYYYYYY!fires Tommygun/Machine Gun against the window

congratulations. have a box

Thanks, Snake. Now you have to hide without it. I AM THE NEW SOLID SNAKE GUYS!

His rectum PROLAPSED at the moment of photo being taken thus he’s doing a double roger moore

Edit is pretty good.