Good Downloadable Skyboxes?

Does anyone know where I can get some (Preferably free) full 360 skyboxes? Like with surrounding terrain and everything?

Thanks! Also, I would have used search, but it is bugged for me.

I know of one place…

Quite amazing skyboxs at that.

EDIT: oh and you wanted surrounding terrain? Make a 3D skybox. It’ll look much better and you can do whatever you want with it.

EDIT EDIT: Search is also bugged for me. I haven’t been able to use it nor looking at others past posts and such. Is it all because of the DDOS thing? I just keep getting a “dont have permission to access” page over and over for those.

Much appreciated! Those look great! I am making a large map for Portal 2, and am trying to remake the Lobby, a decent portion of the inside of the facility, and some test chambers. And since Portal 2 doesn’t exactly include anything decent in the way of skyboxes…

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Interesting bug with the skybox… it seems to be de-rendering some walls when viewed from a certain perspective, in the only room that you can see it from.

I’d rather not bump the original post from 2 years ago, so…
Trying to install those skyboxes into L4D2, but there’s no “materials/skybox” folder in the left4dead2 file. There’s just correction, cubemaps, editor, etc. Do I make a skybox folder myself, or was there some kind of update?

For future references, also has some good skyboxes, if you look for it. It also has a bunch of other content, if you’ll need that for your map :slight_smile:

Turtleey, just create a folder inside of Materiels called “skybox”. Add the skybox files into that, and simpily input the skybox name into the “Map Properties” section. I did this and it worked like a charm for Portal 2!