Good EU TTT servers ?

Hello everyone, i really hope this is an okay question to ask, and it is in the proper place to do it too.

I’ve taken a hiatus from Gmod and what i usually played - TTT - For quite some time, only to find out that the server i’ve frequented was shut down and the website is now blank white (Ninjah-Gaming if anyone knows), so i was trying my best to find a new server / community to play on, but to no avail.

When i open up the legacy browser and search for TTT this is all i get:
Pretty much just russian, german, or minecraft 24/7 servers, all of which i would like to avoid for obvious reasons.

And the occasional server that was not one of the three mentioned above was simply shit due to the custom cosmetics and obnoxious point shops or they were simply full of squeakers, RDM’ers and no Admin control, ETC.

So yeah, the question is pretty simple and its pretty much in the title - Do you know of any good TTT coimmunity servers in the EU that you could recommend ? Cause i ain’t finding anything good through the server browser it seems.