Good FastDL Server

I have set up fastdl and bzip on my server, hosted by godaddy. Its complete shit… Anyone know of any host that provides good hosting. I already have a good host for my gmod server i just want a good one for me to set up my FastDL

the ideal thing to do would be to rent a dedicated box and host it yourself. It’s much more easy to update the cache then, and works a charm if ever you want to do something fancy either. For this you would require XAMPP. If however you aren’t up for renting a box, I would use 1and1 ( though they do have a fair use policy )

Sorry about my nooby question but fair use? xD

And should i go with windows or linux?

Fair use is basically if you use too much of the bandwidth they will cut off your service until either you pay or until the next month. I know my webhost will request more money instead of cutting me off till next month.

alright thanks, what should i go with windows or linux

I use Miscis for my FastDL and they work great. I was also nearing my bandwidth limit and it was upgraded free of charge.

if you have no exprience then just do somethig like hostgator

Dropbox works wonders for me

dropbox has bandwidth caps

Idk…i host multiple servers with it and have never ran into a noticeable issue…

thats because you already have all of your content, pubbers (randoms joining your server) might have issues at different times but because they are just joining your server randomly don’t stick around to inform you because they have no loyalty to your server.

My best friends server is hosted by Exodus hosting. They just recently offered free FastDL and many other benefits.