Good free modeling programs?

I might start to do a bit of modeling, are there any easy free modeling programs out there? or texturing programs?


And maybe a compiling program?


is it really easy to use? Please reply

EDIT: tried it, too confusing, any more suggestions?

If you are in a school (grammatica failure?), then 3DS Max should be available for free.

Now would be a good time in your life to realise that in order to do anything useful you must be prepared to learn the necessary skills. If other people can learn to use Blender, so can you.

As for compiling programs, the one to use is the one included with the SDK.

You can read all about modeling here.

Is mudbox good for source modeling?

Blender is free and a relatively powerful piece of software and I highly recommend it.

This may be a dumb question of some sort but, what’s so wrong with XSI?

I could never get use to XSI. I prefer blender here is a page that could be useful if you pick blender,

All in one: Blender

My Opinion: Blender ftw!!


Yup I made all

Easy to use, hard to learn. Kind of like Dwarf Fortress.

I say Softimage XSI ModTool. It’s free, robust, really powerful, and it was created by the awesome people at Softimage and the remarkable people at Valve. Valve and Softimage got together and made this ModTool so that people could create mods more efficient for the source engine. Since then Softimage sold XSI to Autodesk and that is where you can download it. Alot of people are switching from Maya and 3DsMax to XSI. But It doesn’t really matter about the program as long as it does it’s job. Know all you can about the tools in the program you are using, and you can pretty much watch a tutorial from any other program and still do it in the one your using. If you do want to follow the lines of a game designer I do insist XSI. Theres not many free tutorials out there for it but there are quite a few. But I will suggest DigitalTutors. Its a monthly subscription but its well worth it. Cause for one month you can watch any videos on their site(over 14,000 training videos). And plus Valve used XSI to create HL2 and the episode and so on from there. ;D

blender is one of the easier programs to use so…

blender is hard as fuck to learn seeing as it was designed for macs i tried to learn blender 2.56. (blender has no easily located undo feature) i gave up and learned softimage xsi instead.
i highly recommend xsi
valve fully supports xsi and the source sdk was designed to work with it
the sourcesdk_content folder contains xsi models in their native .scn format and the sdk comes bundled with an outdated plugin for xsi.
if you go with xsi you can use the source sdks valvebiped feature which automatically rigs your mesh

I dont know what program you were using, but it wasnt Blender.
It was not designed for Macs, its was on SGI, Linux and FreeBSD for 3 years before it came to the Mac.
Blender also has an excellent user configurable undo capability.

I find that many people give up on Blender because the GUI is too different from what Microsoft and Apple have burned into our brains. I switch back and forth between Blender and 3DSMax depending on what I am working on. They are very different beasts, and it usually takes me about a day to reorient my brain to work proficiently again.

It does have a very steep learning curve once you get past basic 3D manipulation of vertexes.
UV maps, materials, textures, armatures, bones, constraints, etc, etc, etc…
But there are TONS of tutorials on the net, and several online communities which you can mine for answers.

Wait what? ctrl+z works for me.Also 2.5 is still in beta so that could explain some things. And over all blender wont limit you to only making models for games, it has rendering,animation,and a bunch of other neat features that once you learn to use them can make a huge difference on the way your scene looks.