Good Garry's Mod Game Server Provider UK

Hi,I am looking for a good and affordable garry’s mod game server provider that would have game servers in UK.
Max £1 per slot.


If your interested I offer quality Uk hosted servers add shepsie on steam and I can do you a quote. (Prices are available via email or steam until the website is finished).

I know a friend who used UKGame as host,their servers are poor and laggy.Their service isn’t any better too.


How much would it be for a 24 slot garrys mod server?

A 24 slot Garrys Mod server will be £14.4 per month there is also a trial period of a 3 days where you can try before you pay for it, the server will give you.

-66 Tick 250FPS Gmod Server.
-Game Control Panel.
-Auto Map Installer.
-Auto Mod Installer.
-Excellent Uk Pings.

Best server hosting I’ve seen. The guy is always on for support.

If I needed to recommend a GSP for UK, I would recommend Bioservers.

£12 for 24 slots, works out £0.50 per slot.
You get:
Full FTP access
TCAdmin control panel
Your choice of server tickrate (100 Tick by all means)
512FPS server
Excellent UK customer support
And of course the great UK pings.

This is a custom deal, so please add Ninjadude101 to steam to discuss.

Added you,but wasnt able to contact you. is the best for me.