Good GMod Fiming Cam

Whats the best thing to film GMod with?
Dont say Fraps trial or WeGame

You could use the source recorder.


Source Recorder eats up your hard drive big time - I had a TF2 video that took up about 15 gigs, and was only 5 minutes long. And that was on lower-than-normal resolution too. Only try it if you have a big hard drive, or steam installed on an external one.

fraps is good but you only get 30 seconds a video enless you buy or torrent

(User was banned for this post ("Do not talk about, link to or hint at warez" - verynicelady))

Well you eliminated the two best options, well SR beats fraps, and WeGame is good at all around filming. Other that that I dunno.

Were you using the god-knows-how-many-tgas method or the avi method?