Good gmod server hosts?

Hello I’m currently making the switch from hosting my server from my pc to having a hoster do it. Im looking for a good gmod host that is reliable and has good quality hosting.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Look a bit around. There’s about one billion of these threads (and a couple million made a week), so getting the same answers here really won’t do anything.
Anyhow just some basic stuff, stay away from Xenon, their support is terrible and if anything fucks up you’re the one to blame, Elpishost and Vilayer are widely accepted as good hosts. That’s about it.

^Can’t agree with Jack, Vilayer are NOT good.
(Now he will start complain on me again :3)
Because we had much trouble with our server on Vilayer LTD.
So I say, Elpis.


Seriously, though, just look around a bit. You’ll find a hundred identical threads.

One guy having problems with a server host doesn’t conclude that they are bad. Stop being so pissed off at them when you honestly don’t seem worth even talking to.
Also this is the kind of thread you should have posted your bashing on if you ever wanted to post it, because then you’d actually get your point across instead of talking to a wall.

+1 for ElpisHHost, I’ve had a server with them, flawless service.

Ok thanks guys. sorry. Posted too lazy to search around but next time I will.

I hear NFOservers is pretty good too but Elpis seems to be the way to go atm since the owners are super chill about everything

It’s like a family business. I am not even a client and I feel loved :slight_smile:

Elpis Host :zoid:

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(I am not biased)

Daemon are good :slight_smile: