Good host for DarkRP Server

Hi guys , i went to create a DarkRP server with 20-30 players connect but i don’t know how many RAM , HardWare or CPU i need

Please comment link , config or price behind :slight_smile:

just get a two core vps from NFO ur looking at $25-30 a month. Go linux. Get a basic game panel, one that preferably allows you to set CPU affinity. run your web/db/teamspeak on one core. Run ya server on the other and viola.

Il need only for the server , i ave a website and a teamspeak

You should get a vps from Cheap and awesome. Get KS-3, you could atleast host three servers that are 30 slots big with it.

PS If I was you I wouldn’t get stuff from NFO as it is located in US.

Thanks you :slight_smile:

Don’t go with Kimsurfi, they are not as good as other hosts. When I first started hosting I went with:

Then you can go on and get a dedicated server (if your server gets that popular). Good luck!

Vilayer is shitty