Good host

I’m looking for a reliable host. One that offers free DDoS protection hopefully, strong enough to protect me against skiddie booters.
Cheap is always a plus aswell.
I’m in the process of making a custom darkrp ( and will possibly expand to even more slots later on, perhaps more servers so if the quality of hosting is good you’ll be making more money.
pls no nfo or multiplay

I’m purchasing today. They seem reliable , and are reccomended by coderhire , if that means anything to you lmao.

They’re affordable. As of now I’m using Elpis Host , they’re terrible.

NFOServers has a kickass firewall and gmchosting has 10gbps ddos protection for cheap.

Rather not use NFO, neon-networks just looks un-reliable. Doesn’t even say which location the servers are at, just ‘US’

Thank you for the info , I’m now leaning towards buying a host through gmchosting.

My current server as I explained earlier , has 0 DDoS protection , so I don’t recommend them. (Elpis Host)

Tyler Salwierz
Staff	26/06/2014 20:37

Your server was hit with a DDoS attack and I had to null route the IP. I will remove the null route shortly. 

I find it cheaper to get a VPS/Dedicated Server and making a server from there.

I have a VPS from NFO that hosts 4 servers for $60/month.
I have added SSD though, so originally it would be $50/month.

Any particular reason to why not NFO?

I wasted 1k hours on a server hosted by NFO. Saw nothing but bad things. First they were just renting a server, got ddos’d. Null routed. Got a VPS, same story - null route. Got a dedi - null route. Got the highest tier ddos protection they have - null routed.
It also lagged almost constantly, even when not ddos’d (let’s say straight after being null routed)
Besides, they ain’t cheap especially for the above problems.
It may be just that one server but I’ve developed hate for them.

Are you sure you’re not mixing up things? I’ve heard people that said that NFOs mitigation is better than all other companies that want you to pay for it, better than the rest in general.

No sir, not mixing things. I’m 100% sure the host was and is still NFO, and lags/ddos fest continues. I’m not even sure how it even has players.

Got the highest tier ddos protection they have - null routed. ~~~ What? how do you have the highest tier? They don’t sell DDoS Protection

It also lagged almost constantly ~~~ Did you even ask to talk to John? (Their CEO) about this? surely he would of helped you out.

Besides, they ain’t cheap especially for the above problems. ~~~ Everyone knows NFO isn’t cheap, but they are known for their great service, I think you are talking about a host like or and not

I run two servers and a website on a two core VPS from NFO and don’t experience lag. Have you thought it was maybe… Bad code? Or too much for one box.

They also don’t sell ddos protection and their firewall is great imo.

I’d recommend a VPS from , I run all my servers on the $15 plan and I get no lag whatsoever.

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1 server per vps

I wasn’t the owner of the server, just a player. I guess the owner was feeding us lies but the lag still happened.
Looking at how many people here recommend them I’ll take the VPS option, looks good.
Thanks guys!

DDoS protection?

I don’t know if it is this package or not, but if it is, you can run AT LEAST two servers per VPS…

You COULD run a third or fourth (pushing it to the extreme). SRCDS usually doesn’t go above ~700mb memory usage.

He has 4 cores. Potentially, he could run 4 servers on that machine if he didn’t overkill on the slots. However, the RAM is the limiting factor on that server, I suppose.

I find it eaiser to run servers on seperate boxes, and Hard Drive space is also a limiting factor, but I also run exact clones of my servers as dev servers as well. Generally srcds only uses about 300mb of ram so its not really an issue, and I’m not sure about the DDoS protection as I have a friend who does it for me.

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I have a private sanbox on the $7 one which holds out well, even with about 45 addons.

How is it easier to run servers on different boxes? You can’t easily move files from one server to the other, you can’t just have 1 install of SteamCMD and copy it over to another folder to get a new server, you need to log in to different servers (even if the passwords are the same, requires multiple instances of i.e. putty).

And, harddrive the limiting factor? Really? Even if you ran 4 servers on that machine, you run out of space even if you have 15 GB of space per server (roughly, not counting OS)? I’m sure you could save yourself a lot of money…

separate user accounts would solve that?