Good Idea

Okay, I have been noticing recently that Team Garry has been releasing a lot of updates, they have released about 2 this month. Now, these updates I do now fix stuff and I do know that they are useful but heres something you guys over at the studios should consider. Dont release as many updates…

I have been constantly annoyed by the fact that servers use different class tables and that they technicly make me wait another day to play garrysmod, which is begining to piss me off. I mean, heres a simple idea all of us would appriciate you guys doing, combine updates so this SERVER USES DIFFERENT CLASS TABLES crap doesnt effect our playtime as much as you guys are making it effect it.

Its very annoying to wait for my terrbile computer to update it then get on and not even be able to play the game to start, because no servers update this for about 3-4 days. So please, combine updates.

One day out of how many? There wasn’t a single update in March. And what god awful server doesn’t update within 10 hours?

I know these updates fix problems, but don’t do it.

I’m I reading this correctly?

What you’re basically asking is for all servers to be updated when a GMod patch is released. Every single server (as well as every single client) downloading the update at once would probably kill the Steam servers.