Good ideas for a growing Rust

C4 is boring to craft, the research table is a big step in the right direction and so is this new quarry system.

What we need now is some mechanical table that slowly crafts gunpowder over time similar to a furnace. I stick a stack of sulfur and two stacks of charcoal in this “munitions table” and in about 5 minutes its all converted to gunpowder.

Since gunpowder is arguably the highest form of currency in rust at the endgame state, and since it is so tedious to craft, it would do many people some good to make the whole process simpler and less constraining. I’d much rather be out of my base or up in an outpost looking around it than just sitting somewhere relatively safe so I can slowly turn powder into more powder for prolonged periods of time."]


With the new ammo types coming out now it makes me feel confident in the fantasy elements of rust and reassures me that down the road some really unique and fun things will be added that make rust stand out.

What would really put the stamp on Rust and make it stand out from all other survival / builder / sandbox games would be an arsenal of very unique weapons."]

I’m sure we all remember the rock-it-launcher from Fallout. Weapons like this made Fallout really different and changed the way you looked at an average resource in the game. Now those heavy fission batteries you were carrying are worth their weight in kill potential. I don’t mean to say “hey facepunch, but rockit launchers from Fallout in Rust” but I’m saying that weird guns are good guns.

If I were to propose a concept for a new weird gun it’d be a simple musket style weapon that requires plain gunpowder and stone to fire, the gun will need to be reloaded twice. (once with gunpowder, and then again with stone). This weapon would be almost the rifle counter-part to the water-pipe shotgun, but with the fun reload / ammo twist.

^ And here is a picture because I know its all easier to imagine with a picture.

You know what else would be pretty neat? Megaphones. I can just imagine the front end being a ruined traffic cone with some electronic bits attached to make it work.

For sure

I have to say, the idea for a crafting table is something I thought of myself the other day, really good idea.

I know that c4 has to be time intensive to craft…but as someone who plays solo more often than not, what this means is I end up being AFK in my base crafting for like 2 hours. It just feels wrong to be logged into a server and then just standing there, not doing anything. A crafting table could make it still time intensive, but while it’s happening you could go out and actually play the game.

I know people will say you can go out and explore while you are crafting (and risk losing everything) but tbh no one is going to do that, other than idiots.

I’m a full on no life 24/7 Rust player, and even I find it cuts into my game time a little too much. Probably won’t get implemented, but if we’re wishing for stuff I’d wish for it. Maybe make it so it takes 4 times as long to make the c4 to nerf it a bit. If it took 3 or so hours to craft a c4 in it, maybe people would in a pinch craft it themselves. But having the ability to have a machine cook it up for you while offline or out raiding would be kickass.

I’ve heard talk before about the fine line between realism and fun, and what sacrifices have to be made. Maybe this isn’t realistic, but it would get people out actually playing the game, instead of AFK crafting in alt+tab. I don’t think this would give groups a major advantage, because as soon as you have 4 or more people you can craft anything damn quick, and the bottleneck then is resources. It would just level the playing field a little.
I’m trying to think of a fair way to limit it to one crafting station per base, but drawing a blank. Anything like cupboard radius would just mean people have multiple bases near each other. Mind you, that could make more bases worth raiding.

Well realisticly gunpowder isn’t simply made up of sulfur and charcoal, it needs potassium nitrate to become an explosive usable for guns or C4. But I see what you’re saying.

And I disagree, wishing for things isn’t what we’re doing here. This is a community forum and the devs do read these things. If they see a good chunk of people agreeing on and shaping an idea then they will listen.

Crafting anywhere only really makes sense for SOME items. I can imagine my guy putting together a spear with some wood, but can you see him running around just mixing powder in his hands? or putting together a fucking assault rifle with no welding equipment? These sort of “realistic” elements actually make more sense being a permanent part of your rust house.

And the way to do that is to incorporate more tables, more proximity placed items that the player needs to use in order to achieve certain craftables.

I’ve already suggested muskets half the size of that post, with same reload and stuff needed but it disappeared fastly in the second page of the forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking that it would be another lame-ass farming shit, but in case of lone volwes, that can be pretty helpful. Problem is, that I have already seen a fully surrounded pretty big sized island. I dont really like the idea of buildings being even more gorgeous than the current ones.

Unique weapons. The game has some, though these are just reskinned thompsons rather than some real cool shit. We need basic guns, which look unique, and feel unique. Overheating smg-like stuff forexample.

I don’t believe the custom SMG is simply a tommygun reskin, it definitely acts differently and is much better in close quarters (probably the best close quarters gun atm)

I definately like the idea of moving gunpowder creation off the player and onto a table but as it is that would speed up the C4 creation. Now that you aren’t at home making gunpowder you’re out gathering more material to make more explosives. I do think that if this were done, all that creation time gets straight shifted to C4. Large amounts of C4 should stay in the hands of large gangs / clans of players. Singular entities playing Solo should not have easy access to the material. The main reason is I am sure everyone hated how easy it was to lose everything for those 16-28 hours you work and sleep.

Yes I believe this should apply to rockets too.

This thread needs a bump, because the gunpowder table needs to become a thing