Good ideas for backdoors?

I wonder. Do you guys have any good ideas for creating backdoors which is hard to notice? (And which can’t be removed with a simple “Find & Replace”)

Don’t get me wrong here, but i see putting backdoors into your scripts as a “insurance” of some sort. (Makes me comfortable.)

have you ever thought that it might make the consumer UNCONFORTABLE? knowing that at anytime you can join and give yourself pretty much full access to the gamemode?

i doubt anyone will help you.

I myself have been thinking about installing many backdoors into my new gamemode as it is custom to be run by me alone, because of this if it gets stolen, i want some insurance against someone stealing it, was thinking about a .dll that is needed for many parts of the gamemode, and if its not on my own gameservers then it deletes system32 / gmod and all copys of itself and reports the IP ect.

So if someone runs your script you decide to delete their system as a revenge.

If someone STEALS my HARD WORK i think they are in the wrong and disurve it…

That’s stupid. I smell PERP roleplay here.

I agree 110% with nuttyboffin. What i do and what i code, is way too much work for me just to let it slip away. That is why i ask.

I dont get it, so i should allow someone to steal my code, 1year + hard work and run it on their server, making money from donations while i get nothing?

this gamemode isnt ment to be sold, its private for me and my community only,so why the hell should i let anyone steal from me and profit off it…?

It also would hopefully have destroyed the only copy of the rp on the persons HDD, meaning the gamemode would be safe, it could also reset passwords and access to the gamemode i guess…

i just feel there is no punshment harsh enough for people who steal others hard work and profit off it, if you look at the “gamemode stealer” thread, i saw plenty of people agreeing that.

however i do not think it is good to have DRM backdoors in gamemodes up for sale as it could easly be removed and cause un-fair harm to people who have payed ect.

But if you deleted their system files and other files on that server it would be in breach of a computer misuse legislation. Making you liable to prosecution

I am very against selling gamemodes though. Cause none of the money goes to Garry. Without Garry = No Garrysmod = No gamemodes. And without Valve, no Garrysmod (you know what i mean.)

But yeah that is one of the reasons why i never release anything i code.

Back to topic:

Any good ideas for making backdoors? (The ones i am coding for should not be worried)

actually im quite sure it isnt as its a program not ment for public disclosure. its just like downloading a disk re-writer and running it then sueing the company that made it. none the less, i shall as one of the law teachers at collage as i am here, and probibly get back to you.

just had a talk, apparently all i need to do is put a licence.txt stating that it will do so ect.

Put in a hidden or jumbled set of linked functions that allow a lock-down of the game-mode itself, rather than anything destructive. Have it contact some sort of web-server maybe, or require a file with a password on the hard-drive, and then have redundancy checks to check that the jumbled functions have not been removed.

As for your “1 year+” of “hard work” (darkRP edit, I looked up your posts) I think that regardless of the amount of time anyone puts into something, they don’t have the right to destroy someone else’s property as a punishment.

Considering you are essentially “stealing other’s hard work and profiting off it” by using darkRP as a base rather than coding your own RP game mode from scratch, your opinion from experience is null.



If someone did not specifically make an EULA for their program that stated “this product is provided as-is and the customer is liable for all damages incurred” then yes, you may sue them, but a company that sells a disk re-writer would not forget something like that. As for your “law”:

**750.377a Willful and malicious destruction of property; personalty.
**Sec. 377a.
(1) A person who willfully and maliciously destroys or injures the personal property of another person is guilty of a crime as follows:

(d) If the amount of the destruction or injury is less than $200.00, the person is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for not more than 93 days or a fine of not more than $500.00 or 3 times the amount of the destruction or injury, whichever is greater, or both imprisonment and a fine.

Instead of backdoors, code in some sort of anti-leak mechanism that doesn’t do anything destructive. I’ve never tried making one, so I can’t give you any actual advice on how.

Maybe you will protect your files better, and chance of stealing your gamemode will reduce

Actually, the gamemode i am talking of is a seperate one, the darkrp edit is somthing for another server im helping the owner on. and pardon for being wrong.