Good Ideas for Good RP Scenarios

So, we’ve all at one point or another had good ideas for at least not half bad RP scenarios, right? Well, why don’t we all post ours, and see if we can’t come up with even more ones. Who knows? Maybe someone will post a gamemode based around it.

One of my good RP moments was where I was on my server, and it was after the bombs fell, and so to make it realistic, I built these pipes from the well to the crops where they were growing, and so I made an irrigation system, it was really cool.

Maybe a Clue-Themed Murder Mystery. The closest I got to that, was when I ran a HL2RP, and the citizens, and a few Metro Police were locked in the 45ths Apartments, with a murderer. It was quite fun.

Ideas aren’t really needed, good roleplay produces interesting situations which could be turned into major events if the administration team is running a half decent server. Best route is improvisation, and it always will be.

That’s an awesome idea, I’d make something like this if I could get the props from The Ship. :v

You really don’t need props from the Ship, there are plenty of luxury ship maps. But also, Metanar is right, most epic events occur when players start them without Administrative help, though Admins would be needed for a huge scale event to go smoothly.

RP does not need scenarios, or it is not fun D:

Yeah, events are needed, but if you just lead players thru a pre-made story it is not fun. Players should always have a choice to follow their character’s nature.

Also, the best event is a playermade one. They rarely turn into major events, but sometimes player-made events are incredibly fun.

Hey Metanar. “Rp is for nerds” - your words :v:

I said that? When?

Maybe a wide scale riot? Like the ending to GTA:SA, where the entire city is burning down, politicians are being slaughtered alongside police and gangsters.

I have yet to see that done.

I think you just described pretty much every DarkRP server in existence.

Oh please, DarkRP servers aren’t like that. I’m talking about a full on RIOT. Blood, guts, dead politicians, in a SeriousRP manner, not some minge RDMing the entire lot for no reason, i’m talking about pure chaos in a pure RP environment.

So you’re suggesting massive RDM and making it look like it’s not RDM by slapping “RP” on it? Or in other words, DarkRP?

I never said I wasn’t a nerd. :slight_smile:

So, have you seen a riot before? It’s basically a bloodbath over some reason, not just randomly where some mingebag shoots everyone, no, it’s a giant group of people pillaging the shit out of everything in sight.

Basically, I want to see an event like that, where it’s pure chaos, not just one mingebag RDMing people.

I actually had an idea like this once, but it was more like a rebel uprising, if you will.

I was on this RP server where I had started a rebellion against the current government, and in order to storm their Nexus I would basically encourage all citizens to cause a massive riot.
This kept everyone busy, and meanwhile I and my fellow rebels stormed the Nexus and were victorious.

It was actually quite fun.


I also had a form of an uprising which didn’t go too bad. I got myself, and ten armed rebels to storm the Nexus, and slaughtered the helpless few guards that were inside, as the rest of the units were outside, due to the rise in attacks.