Good ideas for training gamemodes?

Has anyone got any good ideas for any gamesmodes that a beginner gamemode coder could make?
Something that touches a lot of subjects, without being too advanced.

I feel a lack of ideas for things to make. I don’t know why, and I really want to get coding some more. Because after all,
doing the shiz is the best way of becomming better at it.

Oh, and before I go; does anyone have a lovely thread/tutorial for using MySQL or SQL or any database with Glua?
I don’t seem to be able to find any good information :confused:

I’d advise starting out making some sort of deathmatch gamemode, adding things such headshots, powerups, ect.
Also there are database tutorials here, along with many other tutorials.

Okay awesome! Thanks a lot :smiley:

I’d suggest deathmatch, too. You can learn about teams, giving weapons, etc.

There’s also tutorial for it on both wikis, so go look at that

Here are some resources which may help you:

The Lua manual, this will definitely help you get started!

The New Garry’s Mod Wiki, has a ton of information, how to use the function calls, how to integrate vgui elements, and more!

Not everything is on the new Garry’s Mod Wiki yet, if it’s not there, it’s here. There is a lot of things that has changed since Garry’s Mod 12, to Garry’s Mod 13. This is primarily for 12.

One of the best places to start, if by modifying TTT. Start by changing the sweps, more realistic fire-rates, balance the damage, add a feature which changes the cone based on if you’re moving, firing from the hip, aiming down the sights, crouching, holding the walk button, etc etc. Start small, start by doing simple things and work your way up!