Good/least terrible RP server?

Been playing mostly TTT ever since I got GMod and apparently RP is really fun.
The only experience I have with RP is in HL2: DM and there everyone was just killing each other with no regards to actually RPing.
Oh yeah, post a link to the rules of said server/general RP rules if you can

Wow, good job! Promoting your own server with no facts! Wow!

To be honest, there aren’t many proper RP servers. Like, literally most of them are DarkRP or a DarkRP rename. PERP had it’s good time, it’s now mostly a dramafest. I really don’t know what to suggest, but I heard that STALKER RP should be pretty good, if the playerbase wants to live into it. its a rp server, its not the best right now, but usualy has 6-9 players on at any time. but we got good admins and u can always message me and ill come on and help u.

Gangwars rp is definently a way to go… If you get on the newbie server you can start leveling your way to the top (level 99)… If you join a gang you can start capping points and raiding other peoples houses :D. ENJOY us newbie levels 1-30 eu newbie levels 1-30

go to there website to read how to play and other information…

I agree with this post! gangwars rp is fucking epic!

I’m gonna try out the US gangwars RP since it’s currently the only with more than 1 post endorsing it.

Gangwars roleplay… Kind of uhh… How do I put this… Not roleplay?

LightOfDarkness, are you looking for actual roleplay or DarkDM?

ITT: “I have a darkRP server and its best pls to join”

I’d be happy to do actual roleplay if it were not for the inevitable “ZOMG RDM/METAGAME” business that pops up (you see this in TTT all the time: ZOMG THAT TRAITOR RDMED ME) so if you know a server where that doesn’t happen please tell me

Garry’s Mod roleplay is terrible. Always. No exceptions. There may be varying levels of terrible [from ‘bad’ to ‘rotting asshole’] but they’re all terrible. If you’re actually looking for halfway coherent stories or plots, try playing dungeons and dragons, or doing some freeform text roleplaying. But by the Evening Glory, do not look for good roleplay in Garry’s Mod.

mine doesnt do that becuz of the awesome admins <3

Alright, there are a few. And I won’t advertise my server like a douche. Are you looking for a zombie apocalypse theme, HL2 theme or a Fallout sort of theme?

Zombie apocalypse sounds right up my alley, I haven’t explored HL2 much and I have little knowledge about Fallout
So is it Left 4 Dead kinda zombies or Night of the Living Dead zombies?

Catalyst-Gaming’s Serious HL2 RP servers are pretty good for RPing. It’s pretty boring though, mostly passive RP. However the Civil Protection there is actually structured and pretty professional, even though they’re mostly douchebags. So as far as actual serious RP goes, most of the time that’s my favorite server.

CP are douchebags because that’s kinda in their job description. Forgot to mention.

The script is based off of L4D, most follow it that way too… Not how I like it exactly. Nonetheless, I can get you some IP’s and give you some general knowledge about the servers.

Genesis Roleplay: (Not exactly zombie roleplay, more like mutant roleplay. Not that there is a difference in my eyes lol. From what I can tell they seem to be pretty good, people give them good reviews anyway. If you’re looking for good roleplay, I guess you could go there, though I haven’t played it enough to find out if the admins are any better than any other large community I’ve been with.)

MachoGaming: (It’s a terrible “community” in my opinion. The admins are pretty much the most closed-minded people that you can meet and if you say one thing wrong to them they get pissed. I’ll show proof of this if FP let’s me. In any case, they’re staff is very unproffesional and I was in fact once a super admin there, I re-joined one day for shits and giggles to find out I was permabanned with the reason “Nope”. The only thing these guys are good for is the occasional roleplay you do get.)

I would post more but I can’t find any at the moment. Out of all of them those however, I suggest Genesis. At least you have a chance at finding a good administration and some good roleplay.

Also, the proof to show that MachoGaming’s staff is incredibly terrible (just in case anyone wants it):

Edit: Shit, I forgot the IP to MachoGaming. Oh well, the only thing they were good for was playerbase.

Taco and Banana, although the player base tends to be snobbish. And cybering… cybering everywhere.

Oh ya, forgot to put that in MachoGaming’s description. Oh well. All you need to know is they cyber a lot.

Hostell Roleplay is an HL2RP server, normally has 20+ players on during the day. Bit heavy on the combine oppression, but a very good server, no less.

The server seems to never be up. Also, it seems as though most of the admins play favorites.