Good-looking M4A1 for GMOD?

Can anyone make an M4A1 that is completely new or replaces the M4A1 from CSS?

For creating a new weapon in GMOD, i know that there’s a bone problem and most likely you’re gonna end up with a gun sticking out of your abdomen. If that’s the problem, can you please make a CSS reskin/remodel? And if you do plan on making a reskin/remodel, can you tell me how i can mod the weapon statistics for the gun like make it have 30 bullet instead of 25 and fire faster with less recoil?

Ok, specifically, all the M4’s i’ve seen for GMOD (there aren’t alot, prolly like 10 at most) look dwarvish because the stocks are unextended. What I’m looking for is something like this:

The extended stock makes the gun look way more awesome (for me anyway).

There’s one M4 like this, and i remember it has the words Twinkie and Poly and stuff on it on But I’m too scared to go back to that site, it’s hit me with one too many virus alerts from Avast.

I hope someone will take this request.

erm… wrong section??? post in the models/skins section…

isn’t lua scripting SWEP related? idk, i always think lua = SWEP, SWEP = weapons, so hence this thread here.

What I’m asking for is not a model, it’s a usable weapon and i think SWEPS = usable weapons and they’re scripted through lua.

but its the models section that deals with re rigging models/weapons, and whtnot. they’d be the ones to sort our problem…