Good luck in achieving the goal!

The game is gorgeous. That’s what gives little in the current games on this topic. At the same time happy and sad about the fact that the game is good and embodies most of the ideas of my project - on which I think is more than 1.5 years. But I could not likely to implement it due to lack of time, resources. But I hope that you bring to life these ideas and be able to create an atmosphere of uneasy survival. Sincerely, I wish you luck with this and subsequent projects!
Sorry for my english.


I’ve seen 5 or more people try to take credit for the game idea. Its funny because the developers themselves just took inspiration from a variety of different games. Very creative T72, go back to your basement.

Not a hard concept tbh… They’re just Lucky that they got the people and the money to start it…

Sure, they probably stole his many ideas, since he’s likely to have described them in a way there’s something to salvage.