Good map for a npc fight

Hey guys. Anyone know a good map which i want to fight the npcs (well i will fight Rebels with me VS Antlions,zombies,combines etc…
I haven’t found a good map yet. I would be very pleased if that map would have a Combine Pulse turret.
Would be also good to have them with AI nodes, so zombies and antlions don’t run away from me!

Go on garrys mod . org and theres quite a few good ones there.

Well i am not such a master of prohpecy and i don’t know how to see the future. I don’t know which maps have NPC nodes and which haven’t !

Search for Onslaught maps.

Onslaught? Details please

Just use the EP2 maps, they’re great and already have nodes so that the combine or whichever NPCs you’re using can take cover, flank you and even sneak up on you.

Onslaught maps are maps where waves after waves of NPCs attack the place you are in.
Kinda like survive mode in video games.


The Training Room in this map:

Has pulse turrets and respawning NPCs, as well as a bunker and a health recharger.