Good map has dissapeared off of the face of the internet. Anybody still have it?

This map that i’m trying to find is a roleplay map, preferably used for half life 2 roleplay. It’s a mix of d1_canals_01a and d1_canals_02. It’s dark, like evening or nearly night. Google has come up with nothing after a half an hour of constant searching. I don’t have the file leftover after a few computer reformats, as I usually save some stuff on different drives. Please can anybody help or am I going crazy? I remember some warehouse somewhere on the map, if i’m not mistaken.

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Nevermind. I’ve found it. rp_canals_final_fix

Well since we’re on the subject, does anybody here still have a copy of rp_fiskcity? I loved playing that map but it vanished from existence a long time ago and camelot refuses to talk about it.

I have it. It’s not mine to upload to the workshop though… I can probably send you it somehow.

Is this it?


Nvm link contains broken DL links

All it contains is broken download links.

Oh, I never actually tried the downloads, nvm then