Good map suggestions for Zombie DarkRP?

If you can imagine DarkRP, but with zombies, leveling, KOS events, etc.

Then, think of a map where people can buy houses or rooms, fortify them against other players and zombies, where the ambiance says something other than “downtown” and where the map is big enough to run in. Night or darkness isn’t mandatory, but if it’s not dark then a compatibility with ATMOS would be nice.

I used to use GM_aftermath_night_v1_0 for my last server. It was pretty much perfect (for an example), but it got old.

So, I’m open for suggestions if you have any since going through the 243 pages of maps on the workshop is problematic since I’m bored out of my mind after 10 minutes.

Thanks in advance.

This reminds me a lot to Zwold-Afterlife

Any variant of rp_evocity should do the trick if you can use fog, or any map that yells “Hey, everything is F****ed up, good luck.”, kinda with a rp_apocalypse aura

rp_apocalypse itself is a pretty good map, but without buyable houses (i think). You can barely see in the distance too, due to the fog.

Thanks, I’ll check it out right now.