Good maps for NPC wars

Well, this isn’t really a request because I’m looking for maps already made, but sorry if I’m wrong. Okay, I am looking for a good map that has forts close together or just anywhere that I can have modern fights/cage fights with NPCs. (Usually just Humans caged with monsters, or large open assaults with humans versus humans.

Also, off subject but when mapping (I am still a beginner after 3 years) what is the use of making textures dev? Thank you, and again, sorry if wrong section.

Dev Textures are for quick, base mapping so as to get the basic structure of a map down.

Thanks. Anyone know any good maps?

I know Gm_Bigcity has NPC nodes and i like to use Bigcity for having NPC wars

Thanks, I would make my own but I don’t know how many nodes too place or where.

Like Firegod said, any map that is is decently noded. Otherwise NPCs will only be able to do static actions such as shooting and acting.
My favourite maps…I just make my own for NPC battles. But often with little twists, such as a button that calls in combine reinforcements (dropships, gunships, armoured personnel carriers, striders, etc). Or maybe a sandy area that causes antlions to arrive if you venture onto it.

Yep, I like my scripted sequences. :v:

GM_Atomic, I like it a lot more for NPC wars than Bigcity.
Another good one is GM_Geekroom, if you like the rats style maps.