Good maps

Know any good builder friendly maps. Preferably large, water, flat spots, hilly spots, and if possible lots of structures. Any of those. K thx

Requests section would be better for this type of thing. I usually just use gm_flatgrass for constructing, as most rip-offs suck.


You say “and” but then say “any”. Kinda confusing… Is it more of an “and/or” or is it one or the other?

There’s many, many of these type of “All terrain flatgrass construct with a random city” maps on

EDIT: seems to suit all your requirements.


I’ve tried that one. The skybox if I’m not mistaken is fairly short.

And this is about 1/1000 of the build maps on
If these don’t help you there’s plenty more where they came from.

Grasswater is pretty nice! I think ill try it out on my server. Thanks everyone who helped out! Feel free to stop bye.
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